Friday, March 30, 2012


Handbags talk about us. They talk about what we like and what we want.
A large tote for the woman who wants to bring a bit of her with her as she lives her busy day.
A clutch for the carefree woman who doesn’t need something practical, but just something chic.
A handbag is not a small luggage. A handbag is something that can last forever.
Selecting the right handbag can be a hard task because of the many possibilities you have to choose among. It is like selecting the right actors for your movie, the right name for your dog, the right colour for your car.
One of the easiest mistakes which women often make is to buy faux leather products, but shortly the stitching frays and the effect is not that wanted. So the handbag purchases have to be made according one an essential rule: the leather used must be of high quality.
The leather must be soft and genuine, and it has to appears smooth and elegant.
Differences in leather quality can make the difference between the appearance of Milan and that of China.
Another essential rule in buying your handbag is searching for the right style. A well chosen handbag is that one which combines modern design with a timeless beauty.
An high-quality handbag can last a lifetime, an Yves Saint Laurent bag is something that will be a great vintage bag in 30 years.
Handbags are not only fashion, they are art, and just like art they have to be enjoyed across the time.

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