Monday, March 19, 2012

Most Beautiful Lashes I've Ever Seen

BWAHHAHAHA How cute is that?!  I'll bet $5 that a woman drives this car ;) The fact that it's Korean car just makes in funnier (or is that just me?). The non-PC joke possibilities here are endless ^_~

Sadly, I was only able capture this one image before the batteries on my camera died :P  I saw so many funny/random things this weekend - it's like God was telling me to get an iPhone or GalaxyS so I can tweet/Instagram this kind of stuff 24/7.   Naturally, I am sick of my iPad 2 and am lusting after the iPad  3 now, which was thankfully released with an acceptable camera (a curse on the shitty iPad 2 camera. IT SUX.) Anyway, the iPhone 5 is supposed to released in late 2012 (hallelujah!) and if the battery life is improved (everyone I know has to charge their iPhone everyday), I don't think my willpower will be able to hold out much longer....